New Grad School Track Materials Coming Soon!

It’s a New Year!! Hope you had a fabulous holiday season 🙂

I am excited to work on some new tips and reference sheets for the Annual Levi Watkins Pre-medical Conference for undergrads throughout the southeast!

This year, the committee would like to include information on a PhD track. I will be helping to create some materials on how to approach a research career (applications, tests, what to expect, how to narrow down a field, etc). I will be doing local surveys to gather more information from different perspectives. Should be fun!

Stay tuned! I’ll be sure to post the progress!



I have to admit, I was a bit nervous as I walked up to Quality Social. My first (on-line) encounter with fellow science blogger Tideliar was a little intimidating.

I walked in and asked the hostess where the ‘SfNBanter’ party was and she pointed me to the left by the bar. I seen Doc_Becca first and I recognized Tideliar right way. His hair was the give-away and he looks better without the shades…

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View from the Convention Center

I got an early start this morning. P icked up a tea (compliments of the student hospitality room) and a croissant and made my way to the Nanosymposium on Presynaptic Mechanisms


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