Oh, ok. Got it. :)

I originally started a blog so that I could be more involved in the neuroscience community and to share in an open discussion about current papers and topics. Specifically, I wanted critical feedback on my scientific writing.

Done and done… I definitely came to the right spot. While I am slightly flattered that some thought my few posts could single-handedly serve as a the “front for Vandy’s career development training program” I mostly consider this a cue to be more transparent in my approach and intentions.

As a fourth year graduate student I feel one of the most daunting tasks is figuring out my niche in the scientific community. So many choices, areas and interdisciplinary fields. Where do I fit in? Where do I want to be? Direction is what I want so I tend to gravitate to articles and blogs that spell out steps to achieve a certain outcome. It helps if I can take away something significant from the article. My writing style reflects this.  Logical. Methodical. We’ll see out this works for now. I appreciate the opportunity to interact with the sharpest minds in the blogosphere.

Pardon my tardiness (thesis committee meeting time again). Ok, now on to the science. Let’s get to it! Should be fun.

Some of the next few blog posts will be part of a series called ‘Countdown SfN’ that will be devoted to highlighting presentations held at the SfN 2010 meeting. Others will stay around my science-focused niche theme.


4 responses to “Oh, ok. Got it. :)

  1. The blog looks great! I can’t wait to read more about your journey!! Good luck with the committee meeting prep!

  2. Yeah, sorry about the scathing post :/ I was in a bad mood anyway. Really didn’t mean to pick on you guys….

  3. No worries. I’m looking forward to meeting up with the other bloggers!
    Thanks for helping make that happen!

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