I have to admit, I was a bit nervous as I walked up to Quality Social. My first (on-line) encounter with fellow science blogger Tideliar was a little intimidating.

I walked in and asked the hostess where the ‘SfNBanter’ party was and she pointed me to the left by the bar. I seen Doc_Becca first and I recognized Tideliar right way. His hair was the give-away and he looks better without the shades…

We chatted for a few minutes about blogging and they passed on some great advice about grad school in general.  As the rest of the bloggers/tweeters came in, the party shaped up quite nicely. There was also a fashion show running at the same time–random but entertaining.  I am very happy I went to this event. It was great to SEE the other bloggers (both new and established) and it seemed like everyone had a good time.  I met some new friends and hopefully we can stay in touch. I’d say it was a great networking experience. Looking forward to SfN11Banter!

For an official recap (and laughs) watch Doc_Becca and Tideliar’s video.

4 responses to “SfN10Banter

  1. *bows*

    …and what’s wrong with me dollar store shades?! :p

  2. 🙂 nothing is wrong with the shades. If it wasn’t for the tweet-up I wouldn’t have seen what you look like without ’em.

    If you had a basal level of cool with the shades, and that level got bumped up at SfN10Banter then one would have to conclude …you look better without the shades 😛

    People who weren’t there missed out.

  3. Awesome to meet you! Hope to see that you keep up the blogging!

  4. Thanks Dr Becca, it was nice meeting you too! I intend to keep it going 🙂

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