The Society for Neuroscience 2010 Meeting: San Diego, CA

I was very grateful that my blog was chosen to cover Theme B: Neural Excitability, Synapses, Glia: Cellular Mechanisms for the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2010 annual meeting. Thank you SfN for the opportunity!



Countdown: Synaptosomes
Pre-SfN Post

Countdown: Alzheimer’s Disease
Pre-SfN Post


Day 1 (for me)

First day in San Diego, I was able to catch a few posters and I stopped by the Neuroscience Scholars Program Poster session


Sunday AM (A more ‘natural’ day)
Review of a few presentations highlighting oxidative stress and natural compounds

Social Highlight: Great Advice

Encouraging words for grad students and post-docs from Drs. Daniel Weinberger, Walter Koroshetz, Huseini Manji, and Dennis Choi.

Mon AM
Featured talks from the Nanosymposium on Presynaptic Mechanisms

SfN10 Banter
SfN Bloggers and Tweeters meet-up in San Diego

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