The Editor

Marquicia Pierce
PhD Candidate
Vanderbilt University

I am from Michigan via Indianapolis Indiana. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. I came into the Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (MBP) department through the IGP program and was drawn to the nutritional research interests of the May Lab.

For part of my thesis project, I am validating a combined vitamin E and C deficiency model used to induce oxidative stress in mice. This involves using a genetically modified mouse that lacks the gulonolactone oxidase (Gulo-/-) gene and therefore is unable to synthesis vitamin C. Biochemical perameters I assess include antioxidant capacity and lipid-peroxidation products. Utilizing a mouse model will also allow us to conduct well-established behavior batteries that assess possible neurological defects. Furthermore, I will investigate vitamin C homeostasis via changes in the expression of its transporter, sodium-vitamin C transporter 2 (SVCT2). The development of a new mouse model of oxidative stress will provide better understanding of the functions of these nutrients in neurological pathologies in humans.

When I’m not in the lab, I enjoy playing the piano with my musician friends I’ve made here in Music City!

For more information and CV, visit my LinkedIn profile at:

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